Hydrolyzed Proteins

Are interesting alternatives in the formulation of food in different species such as pigs, fish, cats and dogs, due for their nutritional contribution as well as palatability, bioavailability and bioactive activity.

A protein is a macromolecule that generally consists of several different amino acids which are linked together by peptide bonds. Protein is the principal component of animal tissues. The provision of a balanced protein diet is essential to maximize growth, production performance, and efficient feeding of animals.  There are different protein sources for animal food formulas such as: blood meal, meat and bone meal, milk whey powder, fish meal, soybean meal, etc. The main functions of protein in organisms are; necessary for growth, muscle formation, transporting oxygen.


Through the hydrolysis process, controlling parameters such as: Temperature, pH, agitation, time as well as the enzyme-substrate ratio, the structures of the proteins of the substrate are fractionated into smaller molecules (peptides) that are easily assimilated by the organism.

A peptide is defined as an organic molecule that consists of two or more Amino acids linked by peptide bonds. Peptides can be classified according to the number of amino acids in:  Oligopeptides, are made up of 2 to 15 AAS.  Polypeptides which are made up 15 to 50 AAS, peptides with more than 50 AAS or molecular weight above of 8,000 Daltons are classified as proteins, in living beings we can found proteins with more than 1000 AAS. 

 Using protein hydrolyzed in our formulas will improve the nutritional characteristics, performance, digestibility, bioavailability, palatability, solubility, viscosity and we provide bioactive peptides.

Bioactive peptides are amino acid sequence fragments that confer biological functions beside the nutritional contribution. They have functionality as an 

antioxidant, antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and antihypertensive activity. This is an additional advantage of using Protein hydrolyzed. 

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