About us

Our history

BioCYCLO was born in 2016 to help meet the needs of specialized ingredients of the livestock and petfood industry, ingredients of high value in the industry that traditionally had to be imported.

In order to solve this need in the market, a group of entrepreneurs founded BioCYCLO, a Mexican company belonging to the Nu3 group, which since its beginning has worked making responsible use of natural resources and always aware of sustainability, integrating a binomial which is It is made up of technology and innovation, resulting in high-performance products that meet quality standards and controlled by its quality management system.

BioCYCLO’s fundamental target is to provide ingredients of high nutritional value in the diets of animals and pets, essential ingredients for maintaining health and enjoy a full life in the case of companion animals.

BioCYCLO’s line of hydrolyzed are a source of structures of high biological and functional value. Which during their process are carefully controlled in order to avoid the loss or deterioration of nutrients in the raw material with which they are made. Through these processes, we ensure that our hydrolysate’s are a solution for animal nutrition, at a fair price